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I wanted that griptape..

3 November
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What am I supposed to write here..? I'm not good with talking about myself.. not like Kamio. Kamio talks a lot. He's loud too. I'm always really quiet. Kamio tells me to speak up a lot. Or shut up. Because Kamio is like that. Even if he is my best friend. Kamio always tells me to stop complaining about Echizen getting that griptape.. I wanted that griptape. I wonder how it feels.. It's really good so the store is always sold out.. They keep telling me they'll call when they get some in but whenever I call they never have any in.. It must be a conspiracy against me lead by Echizen.. He doesn't want me to have the griptape so I don't beat him... I'm mad now. I'm going down to the store to get some now.
fudoumine, griptape, kamio, tennis、神尾アキラ、橘産